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#LPSDactive/Online Move Week


As the weather warms up, we are excited to announce the "Great Activity Challenge" for all of our students, grades K-12! It's easy to participate; each student will be given an activity log sheet from their teacher that they can fill in each time they complete at least 15 minutes of physical activity per day, outside of school hours. Whether you run, walk, swim, skateboard, bike, dance or play a sport, there are so many ways to be physically active! This challenge runs from May 25th to June 16th. Every student that completes the challenge by submitting their log sheet by June 16th will be entered to win a $50 gift card from Sport Chek (one gift card per school)." #LPSDActive  

To help spur on your motivation to participate in this challenge, LPSD Online is sporting its own LPSD Online Move Week from May 31st to June 4. Each day of that week will have a theme movement for our Online students to participate in to get active. We are encouraging families to post to our LPSD Online FB page each day with #lpsdactive and #lpsdonlinemoves.


Here are the motivational moves for the week:


Use anything with wheels to get yourself around the block and back again for your 15 (or more) minutes of activity

Tuesday, June 1st SKIP SCHOOL (Sorry - Just Kidding)

Find a skipping activity like hopscotch, a skip-it, or a  dance with skipping. Whew I’m outta breath just thinking about it!

Wednesday, June 2nd BOUNCE INTO SUMMER

Do you have a trampoline, a pogo stick, or is hopping to and fro just your mode of transportation?


Thursday, June 3rd ‘WALK’ YOU DOING TODAY?

Use your two feet for your active time today. Are you going around the block, around the lake, around the park or all the way around the city? Maybe you are more of a runner; that’s okay too!


What activity can you come up with that’s all yours? We can’t wait to see. #mycreativeactivity

For the activity log sheet CLICK HERE

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