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Principal’s Message

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone was able to find some rest and rejuvenation time over the holiday break. I know how hard staff, students, and families have been working over the past four months; time for ourselves and our families was so needed. Having said that, however, it is time to get back to the learning. For our Grade 7, 8, and 9 students a term change is only a month away which, of course, means that report cards will be coming out. Now is certainly the time to ensure that you are catching up on handing in assignments and completing those assessments as indicated by your teachers. Make sure that you reach out to your teachers if you need help or have questions; they are there to help you!  For our K to Grade 6 students it is hard to believe but you are approaching the ½ way point of the school year! Keep up the good work and engage with your teachers when they ask; that will be where you find the most success in your online schooling. 

I am looking forward to a few more family based activities that will give us all opportunities to get outside, enjoy the weather, and continue to create our community. 

I am excited for all the possibilities of  positivity, enrichment, and  goodwill that 2021 holds for not only our school community but our city, provinces, and the world at large. Enjoy the coming year!

Mrs. T. Oliver

Administrator of LPSD Online K-9

LPSD Online Staff


Mr. Rob Merliees - Principal (10-12)

Mrs. Torrie Oliver - Vice-Principal (K-9)

Teaching Staff K-9

Mrs. Glenys Kyle - Grades 1 & 2

Mrs. Kelsie Sutherland - Gr. 3 & 4

Mrs. Teira Thomson - Gr. 5 & 6

Mrs. Kelsey Bouck - Gr. 7

Mrs. Jane Snider - Gr. 8 & 9

Mrs. Brenda Robinson - Gr. 8 & 9

Teaching Staff 10-12

Ms. Melissa Brown - Math Support

Mr. Shaun Clark - ELA Support/Social Sciences/PPA

Ms. Deanne DeBusschere - Social Science Support

Mr. Cory Gratton - ELA Support/Social Sciences/PPA

Ms. Rhonda Malmas - ELA 10 Support

Ms. Rebecca Oakes - ELA Support A11/B11/21/30/31

Ms. Joanna Russell - Math Support

Mr. Brent Teasdale - Science Support

Mr. Glen Thomson - Social Science Support

Ms. Danielle Valette-Topley - ELA 10 Support

Counselor Support

Ms. Tammy Blyan

Ms. Rhonda Schwenk

Important Dates

Friday, January 22 at 1:00 p.m.  - Sledding/Skating Day at Bud Miller

Please load up a thermos of hot chocolate, grab your skates or a seld (or both) and join us at Bud Miller park for an LPSD family afternoon of fun.  Students are invited to spend the afternoon skating and/or sledding with their parent/s or family.  We are planning for an active but socially distanced afternoon of fun.  We hope you can join us.

January 25 - 29  -  Literacy Week

Literacy Day is on January 27th, we are going to be engaging our students in some reading activities during this week.  Keep your eyes open for more information to come.

Kindergarten in January

This month we have our Kindergarteners working on New Year’s Resolutions Art projects and setting goals, they are also starting a virtual dramatic play centers and are on our 3rd lesson of Beautiful Oops (taking our mistakes and making them into something beautiful) through our SHINE Program.  Way to go Students!

Grade 7’s in the SHINE Program

The grade 7’s have started a program that encourages their own individual creative expression with SHINE coach Mira McLennan called the Creatology program. By exploring ways to identify feelings that come from various life experiences, students will be empowered to use self-expression through art to build resiliency skills.  Keep ecouraging that creativity Grade 7’s.

Virtual Library

For access to our Virtual Library please click the link below:


December Happenings for LPSD Online

Nailed it!  Virtual Baking Championship

December 18th we had the joy of watching students bake some amazing treats.  If only we could smell and taste what was created, Mmmmmmm….

Points to Ponder for Successful Online Learning

  1. Stick to a schedule: It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 14, learning goes way better when your brain is in a nice pattern. That is the basis behind brick and mortar schools and it should be a plan for online learning as well. It is really important to go to bed at a consistent time, get up a consistent time, eat at a similar time, and work your brain at a similar time each day. 
  2. Set aside enough time: Knowing how much curriculum  needs to be covered in each Grade level of the Sunwest content, it is SUPER important to set aside between 3 and 4 hours a day to complete your independent work. If you aren’t,  you are likely going to get behind and then it will seem like too much work to tackle. 
  3. Find a distraction free zone: Ensure that you are working in a space that is free of distractions and is meant for working. Trying to complete work around a TV just makes us want to watch it or laying on the couch just makes us want to have a nap. Find yourself a nice quiet table or desk with an upright chair. It should seem as much like school as school does!
  4. Engage with your teacher: Your teacher needs to see you multiple times a week. If your teacher never actually sees you it would be similar to you never going to school. Using a reminder app or the calendar in your chromebook is a great way to schedule reminders about showing up for meets.